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We at Inkasso are there for you and we strive to get your issues in order. It is always possible to find a solution and get rid of worries.


Since 2010, Inkasso goal has been to deliver quality to our customers and to protect our clients business relations by offering flexible payment plans for debtors. We believe it is important to maintain positive relations between creditor and debtor and resolve all debts effectively and quickly.
Inkasso is one of Iceland‘s leading Credit Management Services (CMS) companies with over 3000 clients. We provide service for companies and corporation, pension funds, government institutions, financial related firms and individuals. Our services cover every stage of collection from primary and standard collection to legal collection and proceedings.
Inkasso service is always free for our customers; there are no annual fee or hidden charges. Only when using specialized legal action with Inkasso Legal service, the claimant is billed for outlays.

Inkasso Legal Service Is provided by our subsidiary company, Lög og Innheimta or Legal collection co.
Our highly skilled lawyers possess extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of legal expertise in claims. Included in our service is access to our legal company incl. lawyers, knowledge, expertise, and staff that will accompanying you throughout the legal proceedings.

We recover debts in Iceland for foreign claimants, simplifying the entire collection process.

Please contact our headquarters in Reykjavik and our staff will assist you gladly.
Telephone: + 354 520 4040
Mail: inkasso@inkasso.is

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