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At Inkasso, we are here for you and endeavour to help you get your affairs in order. Solutions can always be found.


Debt collection services with a human face

We transform collection services in Iceland, make them more humane and promote a change of mindset towards the collection process for everyone involved

Our Vision

Debt collection services with a human face

We transform collection services in Iceland, make them more humane and promote a change of mindset towards the collection process for everyone involved


Our role

We transform collection services with an emphasis on the payers' experience and are guided by social responsibility. We are understanding, solution-oriented and use electronic solutions that make life easier for stakeholders on both sides of the table and thus make good returns better.

Our Promises

At Inkasso, we protect valuable business relationships and promote concern without putting issues in the right direction.


Socially responsible collection

Socially responsible collection is characterized by the collection company taking responsibility for the impact of its decisions and operations through transparent and ethical conduct. In it, we focus our attention on payers but also on creditors, employees, society and the environment as a whole. We watch e.g. to 7 of the 17 United Nations Global Goals in this regard.

United Nations Global Goals  


Consumer issues

  • Payers are provided with accurate, transparent and useful information in a clearly understandable manner about their rights and possibilities.We focus on the payers' experience and their satisfaction is one of our main criteria.We comply with the ISO 27001 standard on information security management systems and thus ensure the protection of personal data.

Environmental issues

  • The company supports Iceland's commitments to the Paris Agreement and aims to at least 40% less greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • Less paper use, waste sorting, less energy consumption, support for environmentally friendly transport to and from work, etc.
  • The remainder is carbon offsets in its entirety through the purchase of certified carbon units.
  • Promote the positive development of indirect effects by turning procurement to suppliers with approved environmental certifications


  • The company is working to implement equal pay certification in order not to discriminate against its employees and pay the same wages for equally valuable jobs.
  • The company provides all employees with access to skills development, training and internships and opportunities to advance in their work on an equal basis and without inequality.
  • The company works systematically to eliminate psychological and societal dangers in the workplace that contribute to or lead to stress and illness. To that end, the company becomes a party to the Confederation of Icelandic Employers' Convention against Bullying, Harassment and Violence.

Human rights

  • The company promotes greater gender pay equality, economic equality with equal pay certification.
  • To ensure gender balance in the top management of the company.
  • Be an active participant in the balance.
  • To pay special attention to the rights of immigrants and to promote an environment that is characterized by respect for the rights of immigrants and their families.

Social activity and development

  • The company supports financial literacy skills by participating in initiatives in that area.
  • The company provides payers with free access to educational materials on financial literacy.
  • The company promotes and supports the translation of material for immigrants in order to strengthen their position.

Fair practices

  • We start engaging in ethical conduct in our dealings with partners, suppliers, customers and competitors.

Corporate governance

  • The company adheres to a policy of ethics that also includes suppliers and thus promotes cooperation on the United Nations Global Goals.
  • Employees have the incentive to exercise social responsibility.
  • The company publishes a sustainability report.
  • Emphasis is placed on specific United Nations Global Goals.
  • Set goals and publish progress on the website.
  • Certain elements certified by a third party.
  • The majority of the board is independent of the largest owners of the company.