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Inkasso tariff

The following tariff contains general rules on billing for initial and interim collection. The tariff is intended to reflect fair rates for the work carried out by Inkasso in typical cases of debt collection. It does not give rates for enforcement – for further information on that, please refer to the official tariff of Lög & Innheimta.

All individual charge items listed in the tariff are subject to VAT of 24%, unless otherwise specified.

Collection fees for initial collection, i.e. issuing debt collection notices, and interim collection are set in accordance with Regulation No 133/2010 amending Regulation No. 37/2009 on the maximum amount of collection costs, etc.


*not subject to VAT

Inkasso tariff

Type of service Amount
Debt collection notice 950 kr.
Primary collection letter  
Claim principal up to ISK 2,999 ISK 1.300
Claim principal between ISK 3,000 and ISK 10,499 ISK 2.100
Claim principal between ISK 10,500 and ISK 84,999 ISK 3.700

Claim principal ISK 85,000 or more

ISK 5.900
One phone call, primary collection ISK 550 
Written payment plan agreement ISK 2.700
Fee for issuing of invoices  
Claim amount ISK 290 *
Printing and postage ISK 205 *
Electronic invoice ISK 75 *
Transmission of electronic document to internet banking account

ISK 55 *

Various fees

Various data processing, per 15 minutes ISK 3.225

Design of invoices/debt collection notices

ISK 9.500
Setting up electronic document in internet banking account ISK 18.000