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Gjaldheimtan handles legal collection for its customers. The company currently employs lawyers and collection agents who have years of experience in collecting arrears and offers a wide range of related collection services. Our customers are therefore in good hands.

Gjaldheimtan and Inkassso work closely together to offer their customers comprehensive debt collection solutions. Gjaldheimtan staff manage various matters for individuals, businesses, homeowner associations, municipalities and a range of institutions throughout Iceland, as well as handling collection of foreign claims.

When claims have become overdue, creditors may take pursue certain courses of legal action to collect them. Claims move to legal collection once primary and secondary collection procedures have been concluded. We place great emphasis on informing our creditors of the best steps to take as regards specific debt collection procedures. Different approaches may suit different circumstances.

Specific debt collection procedures refer to the use of remedies of procedural law in the collection process. This can include a legal summons initiating court proceedings, issuing a final reminder of overdue payment in accordance with legislation on enforcement procedures and forced sale, and, subsequently, bankruptcy.

Many factors must be considered in such cases. Gjaldheimtan staff have extensive expertise in debt collection solutions and understand the importance of good business relationships between creditors and debtors, as this may affect how debt collection is handled.

It is easy to seek advice with Gjaldheimtan collection agents or lawyers on debt collection matters. This service is free of charge.

You can:
- call customer services on 416 4000;
- email us at gjaldheimtan@gjaldheimtan.is  
- visit our office at Laugarvegur 182, 105 Reykjavik.

General information

  • Company name: Gjaldheimtan ehf
  • ID number: 640214-0580
  • VAT number: 117480
  • Supervisory body - Icelandic Bar Association