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– Access to Inkasso’s collection system is free.

This option best suits larger companies, business operations and public authorities who need a wide range of flexible, tailor-made collection services.

This may be anything from setting up claims to issuing bills / payment stops to handling the whole collection procedure, i.e. primary collection, secondary collection, legal collection, claim monitoring and court proceedings. Larger customers are able to connect directly to the major accounting systems, making handling claims ever easier.

An initial needs analysis leads to tailor-made procedures, a collection agreement, connection to the commercial bank and, subsequently, implementation with testing and training.

If claims remain unpaid on their due date, they move into Inkasso’s collection system and an efficient collection procedure tailored to the creditor’s needs is launched. 

Creditors have access to the system via an online interface, where you can follow progress and consult an overview of pending claims. Creditors can intervene at any point during the secondary collection stage – you can cancel, change the due date, halt collection, delay, etc., all free of charge.

Inkasso’s consultants are, of course, always ready to help at any point in the procedure, as required. Business relations are handled by a dedicated business manager.

Among systems with direct connection:

  • dk hugbúnaður
  • Uniconta
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Set Your Cases in Motion

It could hardly be easier to create invoices and initiate the process with Inkasso MOST.

  • At the beginning, a requirement analysis is made to tailor the process, collection service agreement, connection to bank service, followed by implementation with testing and training.

  • The claimant gains access to the Inkasso system through a web interface where they can monitor progress and get a good overview of claims. The claimant can then intervene at any time while the claim is in collections. Cancel, chang final due date, stop collection, postponing, etc., free of charge.

  • Of course, the service desk advisors are available and ready to assist at any point in the process as needed.
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